Everything from simple car insurance to investing on foreign markets.

Personalized wealth management


Are you searching for an insurance contract, savings account or loan and you don't know what to choose from the vast, ever-changing offer on the market?


Do you feel like you are not able to save any money from one month to another and would finally like to take control of your finances?


Are you searching for interesting investment opportunities?


Do you want to start a business and need a nudge in the right direction?

What we do

There are more than 100 major financial institutions like banks, saving banks, insurance companies out there in Czech Republic, each offering different set of these products in their portfolio

  • Bank accounts
  • Car insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Household insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Pension savings
  • Household build savings
  • Credit card
  • Mortgage
  • Open mutual funds investments
  • Personal loan

There are literally hundreds of options. How would you choose the best one from the lot? Do you go to the bank that has the closest branch to your location? Well I think at best, your research would take a long time. Most of the companies don't have any documentation in English language though.

We offer different approach. We have tools available, that allow us access to all these products from our desks. After analysis of your financial situation, we can always cherry pick the most suitable product and financial institution for any specific situation. We prepare all the paperwork needed and act as your liaison in communication with the financial institution. During our meetings we will introduce to you a philosophy of financial planning, philosophy that shows how planning ahead makes a lot of difference, especially when we talk about money.

Why us

Here are some of many reasons why you should choose our services

We are professionals

with over 20 years of experience with financial advising and planning

Single point of contact

for all the financial products in Czech Republic. You literally never have to go anywhere else

We are independent

on any financial institution, so our services can be objective and personalized to client's individual needs

We save our clients time and money

Our know-how helps to achieve great and fast results.

Our network

consists of large amount of partners you will have access to

If you are still not sure, just come meet us for coffee and chat.

My story

My name is Daniel Hlavac and I live in Brno for all of my adult life. When I was 20, I started working on my career for an American corporation. Most of my colleagues were expats - back then simply called foreigners. They struggled with Czech language every time they needed to deal with an official somewhere, thus calling upon us, colleagues who spoke both Czech and English, for assistance. Residence permits, tax statements, vehicle purchases, hospitals, banks, utility companies, you name it. At some point everybody met a person, who only spoke Czech.
It struck me how little amount of information about financial products is available in English language. About 3 years ago I connected my experience of working with foreigners in Brno with know-how of Leopold Novacek's company, who specializes for more than 20 years in financial counselling and planning. We partnered up to bring financial service, that are so common in local market, to people who don't speak Czech. In these stressful times, I want to make lives of people around me easier. Finances is where we start.

Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it
Being foreigner it gets really difficult to get support and find information about many things in Czech Republic. Especially when it is related to finances. Many people were telling me that there are financial advisers who don't charge you anything for providing you financial support. I was looking to buy a flat and there were many things I was not able to understand due to language barrier. Plus being a foreigner I was not aware of many rules and regulations that I might need. At that moment I came across services Daniel is offering as financial adviser. He helped me understand how it works and what things they can do for me are. Daniel helped me with so many things, here are some of them.
  • Finding the most suitable mortgage, negotiated with the real estate agency, Cooperative company and land register
  • Getting all paperwork done for me to get loan
  • Verifying all the contracts for flat (to make sure all the details are correct)
  • Making financial plan for my spending and income to find out the best way to save and invest etc.
  • Finding the best pension savings account
  • Helped me find the best options for house insurances, liability insurance, utility providers, etc.
  • Assisted me with reconstruction of the flat - arranged the companies to build new kitchen for the flat.
I am glad I found this company that can support me in so many ways.
Poornima, purchase of an apartment owned by cooperative and its transfer to private ownership
Daniel is a truly professional advisor, always having your best interests at heart. Not only he advised me the best options in the market but also saved me so much hassle with the Czech translations when negotiating with the banks and real estate. Very impressive how he went the extra mile, making the whole process of buying a flat like "a walk in the park".
Would vouch for Daniel at anytime.
Paulo, purchase of an apartment under construction
If you are the type of person that thinks about your own tomorrow, you are looking to maximize and manage your money in the best possible way. I highly recommend you to contact Daniel Hlavac, he is total advocate to his clients, giving them all the best alternatives and services that are open in this wild money market. To me, nowadays, money is science and he will suggest and guide you based on your needs. He will tell you what to do and the most important, how to start. He will always help you to reach that goal that you have. Daniel helped us to manage our investments better in a long and secure term.
Victor, complex financial counselling, assistance with citizenship for children
Daniel understands my financial situation and has helped me get through confusing financial procedures many times. His assistance has proven invaluable especially since all official communication here is in Czech! Daniel has helped me get my monthly budget in order, heck I did not even have a budget before! Dealing with finances used to bring me anxiety and stress, Daniel has helped me find peace of mind, knowing I have professional such as him available on demand has helped me finally sleep well at night. As an expat I truly appreciate all the effort he has put into helping foreigners.
Cannot recommend enough.
David, complex financial counselling


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